All my life I have always been involved in sports and fitness and now that I am a grandmother I was looking for a low impact workout when I discovered Barre fitness and from my first class I knew it was perfect. It is a great low impact workout with quick and awesome results. It improves posture, tone, and life. Anyone can do Barre fitness regardless of age, athletic ability, or fitness level, With Barre fitness you feel results in two weeks, see results in four weeks and hear results in six weeks. I offer classes in English but welcome Everyone. Lets improve quality of lifestyle together. I look forward to seeing you there.

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Pentru confortul tău și pentru a asigura o tehnică cât mai corectă, clasele se desfășoară cu locuri limitate. Te rugăm să îți faci programare online. Dacă ai întrebări, te rugăm să ne contactezi.

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